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puppyWelcome to Allied Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida. As the only fully staffed emergency vet hospital in Leon County, Allied Veterinary Emergency Hospital is Tallahassee’s first choice for emergency pet care. The veterinarians and team at Allied have been counted on since 1992 to be there for you and your pets when the unexpected happens. 

The name Allied represents the collaboration of the doctors and staff in our hospital with pet owners and their primary care veterinarian in order to achieve a common purpose; provide comprehensive pet care around the clock. We are an extension of your regular veterinarian and work closely with them to insure that whenever a problem arises you have a resource to help.

Our expertise is a combination of both extensive training and years of experience. We are home to the area’s first and only board certified specialist in emergency medicine and critical care.  Our emergency doctors are prepared for any and all conditions and are comfortable with even the toughest medical and surgical emergencies. Our doctors combine traditional, proven therapies with cutting edge equipment, innovative procedures and the latest medicines and therapies to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

The animal care team at Allied understands that emergencies, whether minor or severe, can be stressful for both you and your pet. The mission of our hospital is to develop a plan for treatment that meets both your expectations and your pet’s medical needs. We recognize that excellent care is more than simply attending to the medical needs of our patients and incorporates compassion and respect for you, the pet owner, as well. The doctors and nurses at Allied treat every pet under their care as one of their own, and every concerned pet owner is considered part of our family.  

In addition to being Tallahassee’s first animal emergency center, Allied is also home to a number of veterinary specialists including board certified medicine and critical care, board certified veterinary surgery, two veterinary ophthalmologists, and radiologic (xray and ultrasound) services are available as well.  See more about our specialists here, or discuss a referral with your primary care veterinarian.

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